Grace Williams interview


Here is an interesting interview with Grace Williams on the Ty Cerdd website: Grace Williams interview

The article originally appeared in the Welsh Music - Cerddoriaeth Cymru Journal, Summer 1976/7, Vol. 5, No. 4.

She mentions Carillons and decribes the oboe as her favorite woodwind instrument.

On 30th July I will be performing Carillons during the IDRS conference in Boulder:

Picture © Grace Williams Estate

30th July, 2022, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Performance of Carillons for Oboe and Orchestra (1965; revised in 1973) – Grace Mary Williams (1906-1977)

I- Moderato con moto. II- Allegretto alla pavana. III- Lento rapsodico. IV- Allegro scherzando

Publisher: Curiad

"Sarah Roper, the new president of IDRS and the Solo Oboe of the Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla, Spain, will perform Grace Mary Williams Carillons for Oboe and Orchestra. Williams is the most notable female composer from Wales, and she is the first British woman to score a feature film. This piece was commissioned by the BBC in Wales, who requested “something light-weight and entertaining.” 

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