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Thea Musgrave - Night Windows: III.Nostalgia - Sarah Roper - Ignacio Torner

Thea Musgrave (b.1928) - Night Windows for oboe and piano (2008) "Walking down a darkened street it's hard to resist looking in through lighted windows and catching a glimpse of other people's lives. The imagination lingers....Night Windows is the title of a painting by Edward Hopper of a scene in one such lighted window. However the scenes in this work - though reflecting something of loneliness in so many of the Hopper paintings - are all imaginary: highly charged emotional moments. Loneliness: Anger: Nostalgia: Despair: Frenzy" This work was commissioned by the International Double Reed Society and it is dedicated to Nicholas Daniel. Sarah Roper, oboe Ignacio Torner, piano In the background, paintings by Trinidad Fernández and José Luis Castrillo Recorded live at home on July 14, 2020 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thea Musgrave (n. 1928) - Ventanas nocturnas para oboe y piano (2008) "Al caminar por una ca

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